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“We love a vice, whether it’s caffeine, nicotine, or vines, the human fascination with mind-altering substances is as old as us. Tobacco however can remain rooted in history along with the Cancers it leads to. We campaign for that.”

With a burning passion to help more people keep well, Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland included. Making tobacco history is more than simply quitting smoking, it’s about finding new ways to handle the anxiety that leads to returning to a cigarette, the sedentary lifestyles, that cause us to find a need to fill a slot in our day. Together we can all work together to help each other keep well, and live a longer, healthier life. It’s time to go smoke free.

If you have a hint or tip that has helped you make tobacco history, improved your lifestyle and been the basis of your new keep well plan, we want to know about it. Together we can make our family of nations a touch less reliant on the bad things, and able to enjoy more of the good things.

Let’s quit smoking together, Let’s keep well together.

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