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Voke – The User’s Review

The Voke inhaler has been out for a few years. At one point it was owned by the largest cigarette company in the world, British American Tobacco.

When looking at Voke reviews one first question that comes to mind is voke vape? Voke smoking is actually different to vape or e-cigarettes.

It has been licensed as a medicine in the UK, which means it can be given out on a prescription, by the Department of Health and Social Care. AKA the UK’s wonderful NHS.

Whilst one might think that this shows the power of big tobacco to influence legislation, this product has passed years of research and test by specialists so may be a valid option for people looking to quit smoking.

Where can I buy voke e cigarette? Online Voke e cig products used to be available in the Voke Uk website at . Currently, production has been discontinued in 2020, pending further notice. So what can you do instead?

If it was vaping you were considering – then this guide below could help:

Voke – What is it

It is a nicotine inhalation device. It looks similar to a cigarette and also give you a Nicotine dose.

As opposed to many Vapes and E-Cigs that come in different flavours and formats, the approach is more medical. It is not so much a recreational device but a tool to quit Smoking.

Who makes it

It was given a medicinal licence by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in 2014.

Initially British American Tobacco (BAT) was credited as the main owners, but is now owned by Kind Consumer.

Public Health England states the company has “no current links with the tobacco industry”.

BAT ended their stake in 2017, focussing instead on vapour and heated tobacco products.

They returned the distribution rights to patent holder Kind Consumer.

Kind Consumer was founded in 2006 by Alex Hearn, a British inventor and entrepreneur based in London.

What is it for?

It is a no frills cigarette replacement with a measured Nicotine dose. It is intended as part of a therapy to quit smoking.

E cigarette health reviews have at times pointed to these types of inhalers being a healthier option.

Who is it best for?

The voke cigarette is a Nicotine inhaler UK made that is best for adults who are addicted to Nicotine and smoking cigarettes, who are serious about quitting.

Voke prices

It was available on the website for 11.99 GBP including delivery. If production continues, the product will most likely stay in this price range.

Where can I buy voke

The £11.99 device was available on prescription to NHS patients – patients could buy the product on the Voke website.

Currently not like Amazon ecig products it is a little hard to get your hands on this one.

Can I get voke on prescription?

Can you get a voke inhaler on prescription?

Until the product is placed back on the market, currently prescriptions are being given in the form of other Nicotine replacement therapy products such as:

Is voke safe?

The fact that the voke e cigarette product was given a medicinal license in the UK indicates that stringent safety tests were carried out.

It is safer that many e-cigarettes, Vapes and other forms of inhalers.

Medical efficacy of voke

An NHS study, amongst others carried out shows positive signs.

Clinical findings conclude the Voke inhaler may have a greater acceptability and efficacy relative to currently available NRT (nicotine Replacement therapy) products.

Commercially available forms of NRT increase the rate of long-term quitting by approximately 50% to 60% in patients who are motivated to quit.

Is voke an electronic cigarette?

It is actually not an e-cigarette and has no electronics, but works rather on pressured gas. It has no batteries, and does not produce any heat or vapour.

Voke Vs vaping

It is a great stop smoking inhaler. Yet it is not a Vape.

Typically vaporizers or vapes produce clouds of sweet smelling smoke which this inhaler does not.

Vapes also come in all kinds of different flavours.

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